Cannabis Industry Employees

The Cannabis Industry Needs Well Rounded Employees

The cannabis industry is taking off across states that have legalized recreational and medical use. Dispensaries, grow operations, edible creators, and tech companies are jumping in on the “green rush”.  States like Colorado are seeing an increase in tax revenue, lower crime, and increases in property value. Is the infrastructure in place to handle this rapid growth though?

The Birth of the Cannabis Industry

Back in 1996 the great state of California passed the controversial bill, Prop. 215, with 55.6% of the vote.  This allowed Californians the ability to get a doctor’s recommendation for cannabis and receive the medication through primary care-givers. A huge victory for the industry!

Fast forward to 2016 and the cannabis community has made big leaps.  More than half of America has legalized some form of medical marijuana, while 4 states and the District of Columbia have legalized the plant for recreational use. If you want to see the latest information on cannabis reform, make sure to check out the State of the Leaf by Leafly.

Who Are You Hiring?

With the industry rapidly growing we want to make sure it stays on that course.

One of the things we love about the cannabis industry is how much growth potential exists. We are in the very early days of what’s to come and it is super exciting!

However,  with the infancy of the industry comes growing pains.

For many years cannabis was illegal across the states and mainly operated underground.  This poses a challenge when searching for employees that have an extensive background with cannabis.  Its one thing to support and use the beneficial plant but if companies want to grow they need the best of the best.

The good news is we are learning that a majority of the population supports cannabis.  We are also making leaps and bounds in highlighting the benefits of cannabis while the “stoner” stigma is slowly fading.  This is drawing more and more talent to the industry which is good for all of us.

Furthermore, the cannabis industry can learn a lot from the startup community.  Hiring well-rounded people with varying backgrounds can prove very beneficial in the early days of your business.  You might be able to make the best edibles the world has ever seen but if you don’t have a solid team behind you the world may never hear about you.

Don’t be afraid to hire qualified talent just because they haven’t been “in the industry” either.  Sometimes an outside perspective in certain positions is exactly what you need to reach that next level.  Generally highly motivated people are quick to learn new industries and apply their skill set accordingly.  The industry is just not mature enough yet to have a surplus of experience.

Consider Hiring a Freelancer

Having trouble managing your social media?  Maybe you need some graphics mocked up for packaging but you can’t afford a full-time designer. As your business grows you might find it difficult to keep up with tasks that you once handled yourself.  This is where freelancers come in handy!

Instead of bringing another employee on the payroll full-time you can hire a freelancer to work within your budget.  Many freelancers have diverse portfolios and can help with many things from customer support to social media management.  Do your research and find the best person for your needs.  Make sure they have a well-rounded portfolio with examples of work that fit your project.  Have any current open positions you would like to contract out? See our pricing HERE.

How Are Your Perks?

If you want to attract top talent you have to create an amazing work environment.  What is your vacation policy like? What is the culture like at your company?  Is there a solid work/life balance?

These are all perks that the top companies in Silicon Valley use to attract highly qualified individuals.  We aren’t saying to start building restaurants, slides, and sleeping pods on your campus.  You should really consider what you want your business to be known for though.  Happy customers are a byproduct of employees that love their job.

Have a business in the cannabis industry?  Leave a comment below and let us know how you are attracting top talent!