Is The Edibles Market The Future of Cannabis?

Is the Edibles Market The Future Of Cannabis?

With the rise of the cannabis industry comes new and exciting products.  We are seeing everything from marijuana infused tampons (yes, this is real) to highly concentrated CBD oils.  However, one particular sector is doing very well. The cannabis industry’s edibles market.

Why Edibles?

Ingesting cannabis is a much different experience from smoking it.  With smoking you feel the effects almost instantly, but with edibles it can take up to 2 hours, or longer, to start feeling the effects.  Everyone is different and we recommend you start out with a low dose.

A lot of people prefer edibles over smoking because it is more discreet, the “high” lasts longer, and edibles can give a higher dose of THC for people who need pain relief.

As more States legalize recreational use, the edibles market is seeing increasing popularity among cannabis users.  Companies like Dixie Elixirs are reporting big spikes in sales and expecting to continue growth as more states legalize.

Is The Edibles Market Right For You?

So you make some amazing no-bake marijuana infused cookies and want to start a business? Not so fast! Running a business is a lot of work and managing food production is even more work.  Who is your competition? What are the regulations around selling consumer food products?  Will you offer options for gluten-free and vegan consumers?  These are all answers you will need to have before you even get started.

If you are new to the cannabis industry and don’t really know where to get started that is ok!  Do your research, start networking with other edible creators, and take a lot of notes. Learn from the leaders in the industry.  Find out what hurdles they had to get past and learn from their mistakes.

So you’ve done your research, make some killer edibles, but now you need to get your product to the masses.  It might be time to consider bringing in professional help.  You can use a job board like Kush Jobs to find the expertise you need or start getting out to industry events and network with talent.

With enough determination and leg work you could be at the forefront of an exciting new industry!

If you stumbled upon this article because you consumed too high a dose… relax! Everything will be good.  Take a nap and in a few hours you’ll be as good as new.

Leave a comment below and tell us about your favorite edible snack.