Happy Cannabis Employees

A Toking of Appreciation – Why Keeping Your Employees Happy is the Ultimate High

At the core of every great company is a genuine desire to put smiles on people’s faces and improve our quality of life.  Whether your industry is just coming into its own – like cannabis – or has been around for centuries, your potential rest on the shoulders of your employees.

And no, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel… all it takes is a little effort and bit of time.

But the overall impact of ensuring your people are fulfilled by the work they’re doing can chart your business on course for exceeded expectations and long-term success.

Here are just a few ways that keeping your employees happy can transform your brand:

Maximum Results

Cannabis Employees Advocacy

You’ll never reach your full potential without a team of employees who are interested in what they do and feel good about themselves and their place in your organization. This isn’t a tired cliché – its’ simply the truth.

People who are more engaged at work are more effective, with data to back it up.

It’s not all about the money, believe it or not.

There are other drivers and predictors of success, with happiness clearly leading businesses to higher profits and better-than-intended results.

Your bottom line will always be top of mind if your team know they are appreciate and relied upon.

Your Biggest Fans, Under Your Roof

Cannabis Advocacy

Technology has created an opportunity for everyone, everywhere to share their opinion with the world.

Had bad service at a restaurant? Yelp is there to help you spread your story.

Want to weigh in on a social issue in your community? A simple tweet can transcend borders and shape minds on Twitter.

Simply put, humans like to talk about their experiences – both personal and professional ones.

So why not leverage your employees’ natural tendencies to discuss their lives by making your company as engaging, rewarding and fulfilling as possible?

By giving your people a reason to say nothing but great things about your brand, others will take notice. More often than not, this results in increased sales and the conversion of more customers to advocates.

Better Customers

Happy Cannabis Customers

Life has a funny way of drawing like-minded people together.

Having hard-working, genuine and passionate employees can deliver similar types of customers to your business.  The people buying your products and enjoying your services are more likely to return if they’re treated as reasons for your work, not interruptions of it.

That’s where your team comes in.

Let them have real conversations with your customers and encourage them to build real relationships together. Wo doesn’t want to have their names, preferences and tendencies remembered?!

One of the things separating brands who “get it” and others that don’t is a willingness to “go off script” and let your employees just be themselves.  Starbucks made headlines recently after deciding to encourage a bit more personality from their baristas.  In my eyes, this is another way of the brand extending a hand to its customers in an effort to create connections and further humanize the overall experience.

Regardless of what industry you’re in, the benefits of empowering your employees and putting smiles on their faces can truly dictate whether or not you reach your goals.

What do you do to make sure that your people are happy? How has keeping your team smiling benefited your business? Let us know on Twitter @KushJobs or @mattblackink.

Matt Black is a freelance copywriter and a good friend of the team at Kush Jobs.  When Matt isn’t educating us on Canada, he can be found writing top notch pieces like the one you just read.