Congratulations! You have just inquired about a full time inside sales position with Glow Industries! We are a highly respected, motivated and very experienced B to B wholesale distributor in the Head-Shop industry. Glow has been distributing smoking accessories for 27 years and it is the most respected and dynamic company in this space. We are looking for other highly motivated individuals with a deep passion and desire to have fun and work hard.

We look forward to meeting dynamic people that we can add to a team that is already awesome and make it even more awesome!

Duties of a sales rep

Close deals!
Follow up with customers- track shipping, pricing requests, stocking issues
Handle credits and returns of products
Social media savvy to post relevant material online to generate sales leads
Highly organized
Generate new leads
Understand basics of head-shop items
We have 1000s of verified leads as well as accounts that have been ordering for years. This is a gold mine for a motivated sales person. Where else do you get 1000s of verified leads? Nowhere.

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