Rebel Coast Winery is the first winery in the world to make cannabis-infused, alcohol-removed Sauvignon Blanc. Legally no one can combine alcohol with cannabis, or even sell them in the same building. We make our wine in Sonoma, then remove the alcohol and infuse it with fast-acting cannabis. We have our California State manufacturing and extraction license and our facility is 10 minutes outside of Sacramento.

Our winery is growing rapidly and we want our wine to deliver a happy, giggly energetic high. We currently use ethanol distillate for our wine, but and not satisfied with the high it delivers once water soluble. The theory is that distillate strips out all other cannabinoids that are needed to deliver a strain-specific highs.  We are experimenting with ethanol extraction then reintroducing as many cannabinoids and cannabis terpenes as we can after decarboxylation. We are not putting the extract in a vape pen, so clarity is not what we are going after, we want a full spectrum, (true to the stain) high in our bottle.

Your main objective is to do strain specific, small batch extraction and measure the different effects the full spectrum extract delivers when it is added into our wine. We don’t want inconsistency in plant material as we expand, so for this R&D our team will oversee cultivation of different (verified genetic) strains and once we have identified the strain we want, we will outsource the genetics cultivation. We need to have a steady and consistent supply of the cannabis we want. Down the road, we don’t want to rely on someone who claims they have Green Crack when in fact it is Sour D.

We have someone on our team that will handle the small batch cultivation, so we are not looking for a grower. However, once we find the perfect genetics we will need someone to ensure the raw plant material is the correct strain and excellent quality.

Since this type of R&D is not a 40/hours a week job, this is a two-part job. We are collaborating with the licensed extraction company Totaleaf Inc. Their Chief Science Officer, Jonathan Dornell is looking for an extraction assistant. He has 10 years of experience with Cannabis and wine on top of his Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Cell Biology.

Jonathan is looking for a Lab Technician (Cannabis oil extraction) to assist his team with daily operations that include:

Operation and maintenance of rotary evaporators for solvent/oil recovery
Front-end processing of raw materials (e.g. weighing, cleaning, etc.)
Preparation of extraction equipment and processing workspaces
Cleaning and sterilizing of laboratory equipment

Live close to the extraction facility in Sacramento, CA, and be there 5 days a week.
Proof of 1+ years extraction experience.  We are not hiring someone who wants to get into the game.
College degree (Bachelors at a minimum)
Great written and oral communication skills
List of equipment you have extracted with and your SOPs
3 industry references upon request (Alex’s mom does not count)

Compensation: $20/hr ($42k/year)

Interview process: in two weeks we will get back to you either yes or no. The 1st interview will be a facetime with Jonathan. The second interview will be with the team at the facility, the third interview will be at a dive bar…

Send resumes with a cover letter to: Jonathan@totaleaf.com

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