New Seed to Store SaaS software solution needs entrepreneurial Sales Head / Equity partner to make us the #1 choice for cultivator/growers.  Bar code scanning mobile app included in the suite.  Talks to BioTrack, Metrc and MJFreeway (and whatever comes next, can do).  Licensed in WA, OR, CA, MI, OH, NV, MT and more.  Very sweet, very intuitive cannabis production management software, from seedling all the way to store shipment. Tracks weights, prices, GPS locations.  Can demo on line at MJTrax.com.

You:  See the vast opportunity in cannabis, recognize that EVERY grower in EVERY cannabis State is REQUIRED to have our product or something similar to report to the State tracking database and have been waiting for your chance to get in on the ground floor with a superior product.  Have the grower/farmer connections and the personal drive to help us grow faster than 24-hour light plants.  Have the passion for the product and the industry to be able to communicate why we should be the #1 choice for growers in every State.  Are not just willing but eager to figure out how and where to best reach growers, make calls, do online demos, maybe even some travel/conferences.  Can be located anywhere but it makes the most sense if you are in a State where either medicinal or recreational growers can be easily contacted.

If you’re sure you’re the guy for the top of the team, drop me a line.

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