Jobs in the cannabis industry

Want A Job In The Cannabis Industry? Check Out These Innovative Companies.

The cannabis industry is exploding! Governments across the United States and world have taken matters into their own hands making the beneficial plant we have all come to love easily available. So it is no surprise that jobs in the cannabis industry are also on the uprise. With expected annual sales to reach $21.8 Billion by 2020, this is no industry to laugh at.

All of this growth excites us at Kush Jobs! The innovation of products and software coming out of states like Washington, Colorado, and California is already taking off and we can’t wait to see where it all evolves to.  The cannabis industry is here to stay and it is building a whole new work force with it.

We have taken the liberty of going out and identifying some of the companies staking their claim and paving the way for cannabis startups around the world. Check out these 5 cannabis companies creating jobs in a new exciting market.

1. Leafly

Leafly operates out of Seattle, WA but they have jobs in various locations on the West Coast.  Want to get in with a company that is pioneering media in the cannabis industry? This is the place to apply.  Founded in 2010, Leafly saw a need in the cannabis community for a strain resource center.  Today Leafly is the leading resource for cannabis information on the internet and offers many positions across various fields.

2. Weed Maps

Weed Maps is our top pick for software engineers looking to get their feet wet in the cannabis industry.  Founded all the way back in 2008, Weed Maps was established and still growing rapidly across North America as more regions pass legislation.  And with more than 40 current jobs in the cannabis industry across the United States and Canada, we are sure you can find an office that fits you!

3. Dope Magazine

Have a passion for lifestyle, culture, cannabis, and journalism? Dope Magazine is going to be gig you have always wanted! With multiple content and sales positions open across legal states, we highly recommend you give them a gander.

4. Mass Roots

Mass Roots is one of the largest social media networks for the cannabis community with an estimated 750,000 users.  Most noteworthy, their social media team is also quite popular across social platforms for their creativity with cannabis.  If you want to live in the beautiful city of Denver, CO and experience complete legalization you should keep an eye on Mass Roots for your next career move.

5. Lit + sepal

Lit + Sepal provides a wide array of healthy cannabis products that are sure to peak your interest.  With a strong market share in Washington and Colorado, they are looking to expand and currently have positions open in Nevada and remotely.  Need to work from home? This might be the perfect company for you!


What Is Your Dream Job?

There are many jobs in the cannabis industry across multiple fields.  We hope to become your main resource for finding and connecting you with cannabis opportunities that fit your passions.  Have a dream job you are looking for and would like to see it posted on Kush Jobs?  Leave a comment below or shoot us a tweet on Twitter!


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